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InterTabac: Hookah focus series now underway

Business Insights presents expert interviews at regular intervals – kicking off with ESCA, and with further series on the world of products at InterTabac and InterSupply already in the planning.

Business Insights online platform begins a new focus series on Thursday (28 October). InterTabac and InterSupply will be shedding light on the world of hookahs and shisha products. At regular intervals, expert interviews offer exciting insights to exhibitors and trade visitors. The European Shisha Community Alliance is first up: Ruth Gunning, Board Director of ESCA, spoke to the team responsible for twin trade shows InterTabac and InterSupply which are set to open their doors again in Dortmund from 15 to 17 September 2022.

Dortmund, 28 October 2021 – How is the hookah sector doing in Europe? What trends are popular right now? And what plans does the European Shisha Community Alliance (ESCA) have for the future? These and other exciting questions are the subject of the first expert interview in the new hookah focus series on the InterTabac/InterSupply online platform Business Insights. Our guest is Ruth Gunning, Board Director of ESCA and Head of EU Engagement at Al Fakher. The series starts on Thursday (28 October).

“Stanislav Medkov meets ...”

Business Insights will present the next industry talk two weeks later (11 November). Stanislav Medkov, CEO of Hookah Battles, talks to Ilya Bychkov, founder of Voskurimsya (Hookah.Pro), the largest retailer of European hookahs in Russia. More interviews to follow: Stanislav Medkov will meet, among others, Anton Gayvoronskiy, head of HookahPlace.com, the largest hookah lounge franchise chain in the world, and the man behind the John Calliano TV Blog. Gayvoronskiy is one of the world's leading YouTube hookah bloggers.

More to come – there will also be exciting insights from industry experts on the other product ranges at InterTabac and InterSupply

The launch of the hookah focus series also heralds other Business Insights series for InterTabac and InterSupply, and planning is in full swing. “Tobacco & Vape – News & Views” is a podcast series that can be heard regularly from November onwards. The series is presented by Business Insights and Tobacco Asia magazine. The host is Thomas Schmid, publisher of Tobacco Asia magazine.