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˅ Exhibition Overview ˅

Good Reasons

  • InterSupply is co-located with the renowned InterTabac trade fair.
  • This results in a strong trade fair duo that represents the entire sector.
  • The InterSupply exhibitors will meet, for example, qualified and managerial staff from the following departments:

    • Purchasing
    • Production Management
    • Product Development
    • Research & Development
    • Quality Management
    • Controlling

  • InterSupply completely covers the process chain for the manufacture of tobacco goods, e-cigarettes, water pipes and much more.
  • The trade fair is aimed at market leaders and key players from the following segments:
    • Suppliers of raw tobacco and raw material
    • Manufacturers of flavours, additives and essences
    • Manufacturers of cigarette paper
    • Manufacturers of machinery for automated production of tobacco goods, water pipes and
    • e-cigarettes
    • Manufacturers of packaging machinery
    • Vendors of complete production systems including planning offices and consultancy firms
    • Vendors of software solutions
    • Packaging/Packing companies

The Who’s Who of the tobacco industry will meet in Dortmund in September, regardless of which country or which continent they come from.

Here you will find all information about our current Öffnet externen Link in neuem Fensterinfection protection and hygiene concept!

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