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˅ Exhibition Overview ˅

Good Reasons

  • InterSupply is co-located with the renowned InterTabac trade fair.
  • This results in a strong trade fair duo that represents the entire sector.
  • The InterSupply exhibitors will meet, for example, qualified and managerial staff from the following departments:

    • Purchasing
    • Production Management
    • Product Development
    • Research & Development
    • Quality Management
    • Controlling

  • InterSupply completely covers the process chain for the manufacture of tobacco goods, e-cigarettes, water pipes and much more.
  • The trade fair is aimed at market leaders and key players from the following segments:
    • Suppliers of raw tobacco and raw material
    • Manufacturers of flavours, additives and essences
    • Manufacturers of cigarette paper
    • Manufacturers of machinery for automated production of tobacco goods, water pipes and
    • e-cigarettes
    • Manufacturers of packaging machinery
    • Vendors of complete production systems including planning offices and consultancy firms
    • Vendors of software solutions
    • Packaging/Packing companies

The Who’s Who of the tobacco industry will meet in Dortmund in September, regardless of which country or which continent they come from.

Stand Booking