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˅ Exhibition Overview ˅

Official Media Partner

Tobacco Journal International  is the leading international tobacco magazine for executives in the world of tobacco and its supplying industry. Working with a large network of correspondents worldwide, TJI provides high-quality, unbiased editorial on trends and developments in the global tobacco industry. TJI is the only tobacco magazine that covers every sector of the industry in every issue.

Abbildung: packaging journal

packaging journal is one of the leading journals of the packaging industry. It reports independently and in a compact form and thus serves as the information medium for decision-makers (German/English). packaging journal is also available as e-paper.

Abbildung: Tobacco-Review

The leading professional publication for Russia and the CIS countries, Tobacco-REVIEW first appeared on the market of periodicals for the world tobacco industry 18 years ago. The main idea behind the publication is to create and sustain an information channel between the Russian speaking tobacco industry and the rest of  the worldwide tobacco community. Tobacco-REVIEW with its specialized supplements TOBACCO-SHOP and TOBACCO-REVIEW INTERNATIONAL (English edition) is a bimonthly magazine distributed by subscription/direct mail/industry events. Tobacco-REVIEW is the only tobacco media officially recognised and accredited by Association of Russian manufacturers TABAKPROM.

figure: Russian Tobacco

Russian Tobacco Media Group
The Russian Tobacco Media Group is a sectoral news agency and portal, periodicals and books, research reports, conferences, consulting and agency services for companies in the tobacco industry. The Group was established in 2001 for information support of professional tobacco market players operating in Russia and the CIS states.

Pack Report


packREPORT is the large German language trade journal for industrial packaging. packREPORT readers are decision-makers from the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and consumer goods industries. packREPORT reports on the newest developments and applications in packaging and wrapping from the technical and economic point of view. Next to consumer good packaging, transportation and protective packaging also belong in this area.

Main focuses are: packaging machinery, packages made from all reusable materials, logistics, design and marketing.

Abbildung: Logo tabacco asia

Tobacco Asia
TOBACCO ASIA, the leading magazine for the Asia regional tobacco industry is published quinterly (five times year) in separate English and Chinese language versions. The primary focus and readership of Tobacco Asia is the tobacco manufacturing industry with a secondary focus on tobacco products wholesale and distribution. Advertising in Tobacco Asia the best and most cost effective way of reaching buying customers throughout Asia, the Middle East and Oceania areas with your quality tobacco products or tobacco equipment, machinery, supplies, services and tobacco leaf.

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